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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who heads the Chief Minister's Relief Fund?

Ans. The Chief Minister heads the Chief Ministers Relief Fund.

2. How is the Chief Minister's Relief Fund (CMRF) administered?

Ans. The fund is administered on an honorary basis by Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister as Secretary of the fund. He is assisted on honorary basis by an Officer of the rank of Joint Secretary/ Jt. Director.

3. What criterions have been fixed for disbursal of funds held under CMRF?

Ans. The disbursement out of the fund is made at the discretion of the Chief Minister, and in accordance with the Chief Ministers directions

4.Who audits the CMRF?

Ans. The CMRF is audited by an independent Chartered Accountants auditor outside the Government.

5.What is the statutory period by which the accounts should be audited?

Ans. Generally, efforts are made to complete the audit at the end of the every financial year. Accounts up to the year 2012-2013 have been audited.

6.How the surplus funds of CMRF are deployed?

Ans. In general, funds are either disbursed immediately or they are committed for specific purposes. The balance is suitably deployed to ensure long term sustainability. CMRF funds are invested with banks in form of fixed deposits, to ensure maximum risk free returns.

7.. Is CMRF exempted from paying Income Tax?

Ans. Yes, the fund is exempted from Income Tax under Section 10(23) (c).

8.Are contributions towards the CMRF exempted from Income Tax?

Ans. Yes, all contributions towards the CMRF are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80(G).

9.How does one make contributions to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund (CMRF)?

Ans. Contributions towards CMRF can be made:

At Chief Minister's Office, Mantralaya, Mumbai, in cash and through postalorder, cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of the Chief Ministers Relief Fund.

Contributions can also be sent to Chief Ministers Office, Mantralaya, Mumbai, via post/money order from any of the Post Offices, without any charges.

Contributions can also be made online through the portal of CMRF i.e.

Through cash, cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of the Chief Ministers Relief Fund deposited with the SBI Collection Branch of the CMRF, mentioning donor details in the Challan to be provided by the concerned bank/ branch or through NEFT/RTGS. Name and address of the Nodal Branch of this Collection Bank is

Name of Fund Fund A/c in Bank A/c No. IFSC Code
Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Main) State Bank Of India A/c No. 10972433751 IFSC Code SBIN0000300
Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (COVID 19) State Bank Of India A/c No. 39239591720 IFSC Code SBIN0000300

10.Whether Public Sector Undertakings can contribute towards the CMRF?

Ans. CMRF accepts only voluntary contributions by individuals and institutions. Contributions flowing out of budgetary sources or from the balance sheets of the Public Sector Undertakings are not accepted.

11.How are the funds available with the CMRF proposed to be utilized?

Ans. A very large proportion of the funds stands committed to be utilized in a phased manner for various schemes announced by CM. Funds are also earmarked for medical assistance, floods, drought, terrorist violence and other such unforeseen occurrences, with a reserve for emergencies.

12.Who are eligible to receive money from the Chief Ministers Relief Fund?

Ans. The Chief Ministers Relief Fund (CMRF) is primarily utilized to render immediate relief to families of those affected by natural calamities like floods, cyclones and earthquakes etc. and to victims of the major accidents and riots. In addition to this, the CMRF provides financial assistance to indigent patients for treatment for major diseases at Government/CMRF empanelled hospitals.

13. What is the method of selection of eligible recipients?

Ans. The disbursement out of the fund is made at the discretion of the Chief Minister, and in accordance with the Chief Ministers directions.

14. Are all applications received in the CMRF for grant of financial assistance for taking medical treatment considered?

Ans. CMRF operates on limited resources and as large number of requests are received seeking financial assistance for medical treatment, it is not possible to accommodate all requests due to the limited resources.

15. Does CMRF has a PAN?

Ans. Yes, CMRF has been allotted a Permanent Account Number (PAN) is AAATC0294J

16. *If you want payment receipt for QR code donation please send an email to by providing Donor Name ,Transaction ID ,Date Of Transaction , Residential Address, Mobile number And Pan card Number . The receipt of donation will be provided after seven working days.